How To Safely Hang Christmas Lights On A Metal Roof

Nothing shows your family's holiday spirit like decorating the outside of your home. If you have been considering putting lights on your metal roof, there are a few things you should know. Here, you will learn how to safely install Christmas lights on your metal roof.

To hang lights on your metal roof, you will need:

  • Rubber soled shoes
  • Ladder
  • Outdoor lights
  • Extension cord
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Clips with self-adhesive backing that peels off cleanly

Prepare the Lights

To reduce the amount of time that you have to spend on your roof, prepare the lights for hanging. Start by testing the lights to be sure that they all work. Replace any bulbs that are not working.

Inspect the electrical cord looking for any broken or frayed wires. If you see any damage to the wires, dispose of that strand of lights. Broken wires can lead to house fires.

Position the clips with self-adhesive backing on them to the wiring on the lights. Space the clips out every few feet to keep the lights positioned properly. Not putting enough clips in place will allow the lights to shift during harsh winter winds.

Neatly roll the lights up and place them in the 5 gallon bucket. The bucket will make it easier for you to get all of the lights to the roof without juggling with them as you climb the ladder.

Position the Ladder

The way that you position the ladder will have a big impact on how safely you can get the lights on the roof. The ladder should extend 3 feet beyond the edge of your roof. This will give you something to balance yourself with as you climb from the ladder to the roof.

Be sure that the ladder is on solid ground that is not sloped in either direction. If the ground is soft, find a sheet of wood or a concrete paver to place under the ladder to keep it from sinking as you climb it.

Mounting the Lights

You must only attempt to mount your Christmas lights on a day with clear skies, low winds and when the roofing is dry. Never attempt to walk on a roof with high winds, rain or snow in the forecast or if the roof is wet from recent rains or snow.

Put on a pair of rubber soled shoes, grab your bucket and begin climbing the ladder. As you walk on the roof, be sure to only step on the areas where the roofing screws have been inserted. This lets you know that you are walking on the support beams and will not damage the roof. Never step on the ribs of the roof or you could damage them.

Peel the backing off of the clips and position them on the roof as you would like.

Tip: If the clips are not sticking well, clean the area of the roof where you will place them with rubbing alcohol and let it dry.

Be sure to use good judgment when installing your Christmas lights on the roof. If you happen to damage your roof in any way, do not hesitate to contact your local roofing repair company like Cascade Roofing and Waterproofing to have it repaired before water damage occurs inside your home.