Choosing The New Surface For Your Commercial Pool Deck

For many businesses, having a pool that guests or patrons can use can be a major attraction for the facility. While pools can be a source of entertainment for your guests, they can also represent a liability for the business due to the risk of accidents occurring. In particular, slipping and falling on the deck can be a common source of injuries, and businesses will have to be diligent when evaluating commercial pool deck surface options before they decide on one for their business.

The Deck Surface Should Be Slip Resistant

Regardless of the type of material that you choose for your pool deck surface, it is necessary for it to be slip resistant. This can greatly reduce the likelihood of individuals suffering injuries as a result of slipping and falling while they are using the pool. To this end, many pool deck surfaces are textured to provide individuals with good traction even when the area near the pool may be wet.

Padded Pool Deck Surfaces Can Substantially Increase Safety

Slipping due to a slick spot on the deck can result in a person landing on the ground with a lot of force. This could lead to substantial injuries occurring, but you may be able to mitigate this risk through the use of a deck surface that is padded. One popular option can be the use of rubber safety decking. These materials will be firm enough to allow individuals to easily walk on them, but they will be able to absorb much of the force of a person falling. This can substantially reduce the risk of injury when individuals inevitably slip and fall near the pool. Despite the fact that the surfaces may be made of rubber, they can still be extremely durable so that they can last for years.

Ease Of Cleaning The Deck's Surface

The deck near your pool will have to be regularly cleaned to keep it safe and attractive for your guests. For this reason, the ease of cleaning the decking surface should also be given a lot of weight in your choices. Rubber safety decking can be among the easier options to clean. If your facility has a pressure washer, setting it on low can allow the safety surfacing to be cleaned in as little as a few minutes. This can also spare you the need to use cleaning products that could potentially get into the pool's water as this could lead to quality issues for it.

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