5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Easier On Your Arthritis

If you find it's getting harder and harder to get around your bathroom due to arthritis, there are some changes you can make in your bathroom to make things much easier on you. Not only do you want to make it easier for you to get around the bathroom, but you also need to know that you've made it safer. Follow the advice in this article to make your bathroom a more comfortable, safe environment.

Get a taller toilet

Getting up from a normal toilet can be difficult when you suffer from arthritis. This is why you want to consider having a comfort height toilet installed to replace your current one. A comfort height toilet is just a few inches taller, but that few inches make it much easier to get up and down from the toilet.

Have a hand held shower head installed

By having a hand held shower head installed in your shower, you will be able to shower easier. You can hold the shower head to reach those hard-to-reach spots. Also, you can hold it closer to your aching areas to get a massage. The hand held shower head can also remain up in its original position when you don't want to hold it, and it will work just like a regular shower head.

Have a walk-in bathtub installed

You can find walk-in bathtubs in a variety of designs and sizes. This allows you to get one that will fit into your bathroom nicely. A walk in bathtub has a door in the side of it, and this allows you to open the door and walk into the tub, rather than trying to climb over the side. When you shut the door it will seal completely, keeping the water inside of the tub.

Have your faucets changed

 If you find that the faucets in the bathroom are hard for you to turn on and off, you should have them changed. You may find it easier to get a faucet you lift up to turn on the water than one where you have to turn the knobs.  

Once you make the above changes in your bathroom, you'll see you have a much easier time taking care of your bathroom matters and you can do so without as much pain and worry as you had before. Even changing a little bit at a time will help you navigate your bathroom easier. You can call a reputable plumbing service, like Norm’s Mobile Service Plumbing & Heating Ltd, to get an estimated cost for the bathroom changes you wish to make.