Why Removing Moss From The Roof Isn'T A Perfect DIY Affair

Moss, algae, lichens and other growths can damage your roof if left for extended periods. You may remove these organisms from your roof on your own, but you should be very careful while doing it. This is because:

Brushing or Raking May Damage the Shingles

When you have growths on your roof, one of the first things that may pop into your mind is to rake them off. However, this may not be a very good idea if the shingles below the moss are fragile, curled or brittle. You risk damaging the roof to such an extent that you may need a new one.

In addition, it may not be easy for you to spot shingle damaged if they are covered with moss. Try scrubbing the organic matter from a small area first to get an idea of the shingles' condition. Then, if you decide to go ahead with the raking, use a flexible leaf rake and do it gently. Remember to follow it up with a gentle garden hose washing to get rid of the remaining debris.

The Chemicals May Cause Multiple Damages

Many people prefer chemical treatment because it doesn't involve, at least physically, damage to the shingles. Unfortunately, the chemicals used (such as chlorine bleach) may not be perfect either because they may:

  • Ruin the natural color of wood shingles
  • Reducing your asphalt shingles elasticity (thus making them more prone to cracking or breakage)
  • Kill the plants around your house

You can mitigate these damages by:

  • mixing the bleaching products exactly as indicated on their respective labels
  • rinsing the roof thoroughly after applying the bleaching chemicals
  • applying the chemicals when there is enough sunlight to dry the roof thoroughly

Working on the Roof Is Dangerous

Even if you can control the above factors perfectly, you will agree that working on the roof is an inherently dangerous thing. Apart from the usual danger associated with heights, there are other things to worry about. For example, spraying the roof makes it slippery and dangerous to walk on. Improve your safety by wearing non-slippery shoes, wearing a safety harness using a good ladder and having a helper at hand in case something happens.

If these sound like things you cannot do properly, then you should leave your roof cleaning endeavor to the experts. Hiring roof contractors (such as those from Rai Roofing Ltd) may also give you the opportunity to have your roof inspected as it is cleaned.