What Is Mudjacking?

If a concrete foundation slab has begun to sink and acquire an uneven surface, mudjacking can be used to lift sunken parts and level the slab.

During the mudjacking process, a mixture known as "slurry" is prepared and pumped beneath the slab. Slurry is composed of cement mix, water, and dirt. Also known as "concrete leveling" mudjacking can be used to remedy not only a sinking foundation, but also to repair crumbles in a foundation or sinking sidewalks. 

The mudjacking process

In preparation for mudjacking, holes are put into the slab with a drill so that the slab can be lifted. After this, the slurry mixture is forced down into the holes so that gaps beneath the concrete slab will be filled in.

After all of the gaps have been filled up with slurry, the slurry is pressurized. This raises the slab up to the appropriate level. As a last step, the holes that were created in the beginning of the process are filled in with concrete. 

Why is mudjacking necessary?

Anytime a concrete foundation has begun to sink, mudjacking could be necessary to get the slab level again. A concrete foundation can begin to settle or sink down over time because of a variety of different factors. Soil erosion is often the culprit. The ground beneath the foundation will naturally settle itself, so the positioning of the slab can shift with this natural settling.

An uneven concrete foundation can cause structural problems in a home. It can also lead to water runoff that can cause flooding or create walking hazards for the home's inhabitants. 

Advantages of the process

The main alternative to mudjacking is usually entirely replacing the concrete slab. This is a very intrusive process that involves removing original concrete.

In comparison to concrete replacement, mudjacking cuts many corners and can be carried out more quickly than putting in a new concrete slab. It doesn't require the landscaping surrounding a home to be disrupted, and it's a much faster process than concrete replacement. 

Another advantage of mudjacking is that it retains the original concrete slab. Older concrete tends to be more structurally sound than new concrete. Not only will mudjacking level the slab, but it could also benefit the structural stability of the soil beneath it.

In cases where sinking is the only concrete foundation problem, mudjacking should achieve better results and be a simpler process than slab replacement. However, if there are additional flaws in the concrete, mudjacking may not be sufficient to completely repair the foundation. For more information, look into foundation repairs by Abalon Construction.