Tips For Preparing Your Home For The Extreme Winter

Even if you are one of those people that love the winter months, you still need to prepare your home for the upcoming cold. To help you do that, you can check out some of the following tips. This way, you and your loved ones will be nice and warm all winter long.

Have The Furnace Serviced

Sure, your furnace might have been running perfectly when you finally shut it down last season. However, that does not mean that your furnace is not in need of being serviced. It is vital that you are hiring an HVAC company to do this for you. The HVAC technician will open the furnace door and clean out any dirt, dust, or cobwebs that are in the way. Then he or she will inspect the condition of the electrical wires. If any are coming lose, they can be tightened. If any are frayed, they can be replaced. The HVAC technician will then clean the duct work and air vents to ensure that you are only getting the cleanest of air pumped into the rooms of your home. This is important for anyone with breathing problems or allergies.

Add Caulking Around The Windows And Doors

If you look closely, you might see tiny gaps between the frames and the wall. If you do see this, you need to have it covered with caulking as soon as possible. This will stop the cold air from blowing in or your warm air from escaping. This is easy to do, as the caulking can be found for affordable prices at hardware and home improvement stores. Simply apply the caulking and then smooth out the bead of caulking with your fingers or an applicator tool. Then, wait for it to dry. Once it is nice and dry, you can paint over it so it matches the walls or trim.

Spray Foam Insulation Into The Walls

Many older homes either lack insulation altogether or what was in the walls is no longer as efficient as it was when it was first installed. If your home does not have a lot of quality insulation, you will want to solve that problem. Find a contractor who can spray foam insulation behind your exterior walls. The foam will spread, expand, and then harden so that it completely fills the voids in your walls.

By taking a little bit of time to put those tips in action, you will find that your home is good and ready for whatever winter throws at you. To learn more, contact Canuck Mechanical Ltd