Four Alternative Siding Solutions To Give Your Home A Contemporary Look

If you are ready to have the siding on your home replaced, there are many different choices of materials. Many of these products are meant to give homes a more traditional look. There are also siding systems that can be used to give your home a contemporary look, such as veneers, metal, and even wood with a contemporary design. Here are some ideas to give your home more of a contemporary look with new siding:  

1. Using Wood Materials To Give Siding A Contemporary Design

Wood materials have often been used for a more traditional siding finish. They can also be used for contemporary designs. Materials like tropical wood work really well of a contemporary design. There are also bamboo products that can be used for your exterior finish. These material look good when combined with metal and other synthetic finishes.

2. Contemporary Siding Using Metal Building Materials

Metal can also be a good solution for the siding finish on your home. Metal comes in materials like common aluminum siding. You can also get steel materials that are corrugated, which can be installed vertically to give your home a unique look. Raw metal can look great too, which will naturally oxidize and change colors over time. Galvanized materials can give your home a durable finish with the look of raw metal.

3. Synthetic And Composite Siding With Contemporary Styles

If you want to use more modern materials on the exterior of your home, composites and synthetic materials can look great. Some ideas you may want to consider are using decking materials for siding, which will also need a protective material behind it, such as an EPDM roofing membrane. Synthetic shakes and slates can also be good to combine contemporary designs with traditional materials.

4. Exterior Veneers To Give Homes More Of A Contemporary Feel

Another solution for a contemporary look is an exterior veneer. These are siding systems that come in panels to give your home various different looks. They can look like brick, masonry, or contemporary styles. These systems can be installed on your exterior quickly and easily. You can also use different veneer styles to give your home more of a custom finish.

These are some ideas to give your home more of a contemporary look with new siding. If you are ready to have your old siding replaced, contact a siding installation contractor (such as one from Nisby Home Renovations Ltd) and talk with them about using some of these contemporary ideas.