3 Features You May Want To Include In Your New Home

Looking through house plans and narrowing it down to the one you want to build is not the easiest task in the world, but it is the main thing you must do before the contractor can start building it. Once you select the home design you want, you may want to start investigating features to add to it. While your budget might now allow you to add all the coolest and latest features available for homes, you could add some. Here are three features that you may want to include in your brand new house.

Floor Drains In Bathrooms

While most homes do not have floor drains in the bathrooms, this is a good feature to have. It will not cost a lot extra to add this feature, but it could save you from major water damage issues in the future.

Drains in bathroom floors are primarily there only for plumbing problems, and you may never need to use these drains. If you do have a water leak from a toilet or faucet, you will be glad you had these drains. They will collect all the water and send it to your septic system. You may also want to add a drain in your laundry room floor.

Gas Line To Your Grill

A second feature to consider is adding a gas line to your grill. Adding this during construction will be easier and less expensive. The nice part about this is that it will allow you to use your grill whenever you want, without the worries of running out of gas halfway through cooking your food.

Most grills are built to run on propane. If you have natural gas at your new home, you may need to invest in a grill designed for natural gas, or you can purchase a conversion kit for your grill that will allow you to use natural gas for a propane grill.

Recirculating Pump

Finally, if you want to get hot water on demand, you should consider having your contractor install a recirculating pump for you. This is especially important for large homes, but it can be helpful even if your home will be small or average in size.

A recirculating pump keeps hot water flowing, which means you will have it instantly when you turn on any faucet in your home.

There are so many different features you can add to your home, and you can talk to your contractor about other options. Choosing your home design is important, but adding the features that are important to you is also vital. To learn more, contact a contractor in your area.

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