Signs That Your Fridge Needs A Friendly Repair

The refrigerator is perhaps the most important appliance in your home. After all, it allows you to keep food safe and cool so that your family can eat. However, there are times when the fridge stops working correctly, and you need to spot the signs to have a professional fix it right away:

Food Expires Faster

This is a sign that your fridge needs a repair, hands down. It could mean that your thermostat is working incorrectly, the condenser coils are dust-covered, or that the motor is overheating.

Frost is Building Up

If excess frost is building up in your fridge, this is a bad sign. Your fridge should be cool, not frozen.

No Noise Even When the Light is On

This could be a sign of a compressor. You can try to take your food out and switch it off, then wait 24 hours and turn it on again to see if this resolves the problem. Most likely, you need a pro who can handle the repair.

Water is Pooling around the Fridge

This could mean that the door isn't getting shut, that the drip pan is functioning poorly, or that a hose is broken or out of place. Repair is the only option here.

Fridge is Overly Warm and Freezer is Too Cold

This is a classic case of the temperatures being off in your refrigerator. This can typically be resolved with a fan replacement, which a technician will readily perform for you.

Banging Noise

Fridge noises aren't unheard of. If there is a low humming sound, that is typically okay. The problem is if you hear a banging noise that sounds like knocks. This could indicate a motor shaft that is loose, a bad compressor, or even a coil that is broken.

Higher Energy Bills

If you see rise in your monthly energy bill, be concerned. This means that your refrigerator could be running the freezer all the time, even when it doesn't need to be. To find out if this is the case, you need a professional, such as those at Halliday Refrigeration Ltd, to inspect the thermostat, the motor, and the compressor. They could be the culprits causing the problem. You will want to get it fixed so that the efficiency is back to normal. A little repair now is well worth the lowered energy bills going forward.

Your fridge is a high-tech piece of machinery. Watch out for these signs and make sure to get them fixed before it's too late.